Undercover Operation

We are providing special services of Under Cover Operations to corporate businesses to control corruption and losses in their organization.

An Under-cover is a specialized person who plays a dual role in the organization, they work like an ordinary employee as well as collects information on the particular area where the owner of the organization is having doubt of corruption and facing losses, usually, such departments are Logistics, Storerooms and Union of any organization. So, if you are running scared of the movements in your company, then the Impact Intelligence Services is a real help in conducting the undercover investigation into your business. Our services are beneficial in digging out the inside information by way of being an insider or can say, we work as your employee and will interact with suspected employees, in order to get the solid evidence.

The team of shrewd undercover investigators at Impact Intelligence Services is the strength and they are well aware of all the strategies of operation Covert investigation, we assure our client through an effective investigation.

Impact Intelligence Services has a specialized team for the Covert operation. We have deployed uncountable numbers of Covert Operation agents in a diverse variety of companies throughout India. Impact Intelligence Services has a huge experience in deploying agents for Covert Operation.