Spouse Cheating

Having a beautiful and satisfying marriage life can only be wonderment if both partners are loyal and trustworthy, but what if any partner is cheating? The question arises on other partner mind is “ How to find if my spouse is cheating?”, “ How to track them”, “ How to get evidence”.

Here, It is important now to conduct surveillance for at least a week because in our experience people who are having an affair do not see their love every day, and many see them only once a week e.g. your partner may say they have to work late or going to the gym every Tuesday but in fact they are seeing their lover.

You may ask & What if I follow them and I find they are not going where they say they are going. Does this prove they are having an affair? Our answer is no. It shows they are lying but not that they are cheating. Impact Intelligence Services have solved many cases in the past where a partner was organizing a secret event, such as a surprise party, and this was the reason for lying. We can also track vehicle of the subject by using electronic gadgets like Magnetic GPS tracker. G. TEENAGE MONITORING

Infidelity, Adultery, spouse Cheating, being Unfaithful, having an Affair or whatever, is one of the most painful things that happen in a relationship. Relationships and partnerships are based on trust and love. The fear and the anger that you are living with a spouse engaging in infidelity, drain your energy and frozen your spirit for life. But how can you tell if your husband or wife is having an adulterous affair? There are many signs of a spouse cheating, however, none are conclusive:

  • He / She uses a low voice/whisper or prefers privacy while attending a call.
  • He / She often keeps the cell phone off or on vibrate.
  • He/She begins to delete all incoming/outgoing call details from the cell.
  • If you attend his/her calls, the caller hangs up when he/she hears your voice.
  • Not returning calls in a reasonable time.
  • Checking SMS privately.
  • He/she has a definite change in attitude towards everyone in the home.
  • Spending unusual amounts of time away from home.
  • Wanting to know your schedule and where you will go.
  • Showing a change in the frequency (more/less) of sex.
  • Getting defensive or angry over questions about activities.
  • Developing a moody attitude.
  • Suddenly becoming happy or angry for no reason.
  • Neglecting you and the home.

We help our clients by discussing the each and every detail of your case and then look ahead to strategize the required plan of action to save you from getting cheated.  We take care of the overall needs of our clients. We know that the pain of betrayal can kill you from inside and the worst part is experiencing that pain due to the person you think loves you the most.  Last but not the least, we guarantee high levels of accuracy and privacy in all the services we impart.