Skiptracing/Missing Person

There are 1000s of cases registers’ in India for Missing and Kidnapping. We assist our clients by finding missing persons with help of electronic devices and local police support.

Our promising services of investigation are always beneficial for tracing the disappeared persons of your life. We are the primary source in the field of personal investigation and we possess the caliber of tracking down all the relevant facts about the missing person. Impact Intelligence Services has the excellent record of tracking down missing persons all over India and we have succeeded in tracing a number of people.

The team of personal investigators in Impact Intelligence Services is veteran and well aware of dealing with unusual and mystifying missing cases. The specialized investigators are conscious about whom to contact, why to contact and when and how to move rigorously. All in all, we are the specialized agency who knows the protocol for filling the gaps in investigation and bringing out the result successfully. We have a wide network all over India and are covertly connected with government agencies, law enforcement and media. Furthermore, we make use of the high-quality searching device and inconceivable tactics for investigation purpose.

Coupled with our interviewing skills, we at Impact Intelligence Services can evaluate complex financial transactions and investigate questionable business activities. Today, our occupational fraud investigation services focus on three specialized areas that affect most businesses.