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Do you need Pre Matrimonial Investigation services in Delhi? Yes, you need it as marriage is considered as a very important relationship. So you should know every detail about our partner whether it is personal or financial details. In the current era, there are hundreds of matrimonial detectives in the capital city New Delhi & NCR alone so in India they are more than thousands of matrimonial agencies along with hundreds of matrimonial sites to help us to find our life partner. But what if we choose a wrong person as data provided by third-party agencies and presented on online websites may be fake and some things can be hidden from you like your future life partner’s behaviour, habits, medical history, character, financial status or reputation of his/her family. So these facts can’t be verified by very quickly without a proper investigation. Here comes the role of a pre-matrimonial investigator who will verify each and every detail about the subject(Boy/Girl) very privately so right decisions can be made regarding marriage.

Impact Intelligence Services is a leader in providing detective services related to pre-matrimonial investigations as well as post matrimonial cases like spouse cheating, divorce or family related cases. We have been solving this kind of matrimonial cases from last 10 years and our detectives are highly skilled in this field. So the question is what kind of information you can expect from us in this kind of investigations, we have listed details about our services. If you still have some queries in your mind regarding our pre matrimonial investigation services, you can call us directly for free consultancy.

The following information is provided in our reports after an investigation of the subject (boy/girl) is done by our detectives :

  • Nature, Attitude, and Behavior of subject and their family.
  • Social status and reputation of the family.
  • The financial status of the family.
  • Any past engagement or divorcee case of the subject.
  • Information relating to subject & employment/business.
  • Habits of the subject (Smoking & consumption of Alcohol)
  • Any past medical history of the subject.
  • Any Hereditary disease in a family of a subject.
  • The character of the subject.

Along with these if you have certain special requirements regarding the investigation that can also be considered. We take care of clients very well and you can expect high-quality results with us. You can connect with our private detectives anytime on live chat available on our website or you can email us directly to [email protected].

Our Pre Matrimonial Investigation Services 

Our detective agency is a best pre matrimonial investigation service provider in delhi. Below is the list of details we verify.


Family Status

Financial Status

Past Engagement



Medical History

Hereditary Disease


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