Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is job profile of a private detective ?

In simple words, a private detective is a problem solver of any individual or group of persons. A private detective’s job is to get maximum information with evidence to solve any case in given time period.

What is working area of impact intelligence services ?

We are conducting all kinds of investigation work in all places in India.

What type of cases impact intelligence services undertakes for private investigation ?

We provide services in both personal and corporate cases. Personal cases are related to marriages (pre-matrimonial and post matrimonial cases), adultery, addictions, bad company or problems with a family member, friends, and relatives.

How you maintain Privacy of clients?

We maintain the privacy of clients at the highest level, even staff of agency don’t know anything about the client.

What if customer asks to avoid meeting and keep their identity secret?

Client reserves the right to secure themselves and exercise caution. We can communicate through phones, e-mails, etc.

How much time does it take to handle a case?

The time frame is depending on particulars of a case, some cases require days, some week and some months.

What is the mode of payment?

A customer can pay in cash, through cheque, online money transfer through our website or NEFT option.

How do we submit report?

We can send a report to the customer according to their suitability; we can send reports via email or WhatsApp. A client can collect reports personally from our office.

How much a client has to pay in advance?

Customers have to pay 75% advance payment of total amount and balance 25% after finalization of the case.