Corporate Intelligence

Our expert provide an effective investigation right from investigation of illegal activity by employees in the workplace to sourcing information about competitors and providing security cover for employees. Moreover, we provide all information to our clients for mergers and acquisitions with other companies.

To learn from the past and forecast the future many organizations are adopting Corporate Competitive Analysis & Intelligence service. It helps the business owner to modify his/her firm’s position in market place. Impact Intelligence Services provides you the service of Corporate Competitive Analysis & Intelligence as information about the capabilities, intentions and actions of current and potential competitors that provides input in formulating long term strategy and goals.

Corporate Competitive Analysis & Intelligence provides information useful to analyze information sources outside the organization in a systematic and automatic to decision making help for further establishment.

Some of the viewpoints strike on the way during establishing the business as following:

  • Analyze the marketing activities of the primary competitors based upon the positions in the market and associated market strategy.
  • Detective, Investigators Evaluate competitor’s performances and identify key factors underlying their success and failure.
  • Detective, Investigators Analyze the current and future resources and competencies of each competitor.

Impact Intelligence Services knows the fine link between intelligence and espionage in the corporate sector is able to assist you by both gaining lawful intelligence about your competitors and able to give answer related to the analysis of the competition for define and to improve the competitive profile of the organization in order to reach a larger objective that is, the market expansion and profitability.