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Impact Intelligence Services was founded in the year 2007. We are the most trusted private detective agency in Delhi and NCR region, India specialized in both corporate and personal investigation cases. Our team has highly qualified and experienced private detectives that treat each assignment with utmost discretion maintains confidentiality and meticulous attention to details. Impact Intelligence offers a wide range of competent and cost-effective investigative services.  Our private investigators are well experienced and trained with specialized skills and are equipped with sophisticated surveillance gadgets to meet the changes and challenges of the modern era of technology.

Our detective agency has one of the best and experienced matrimonial detectives in delhi and our private detectives are professional and well trained to handle cases pertaining to pre matrimonial investigation and post matrimonial investigation, financial frauds, debugging, theft by employees, misappropriation of information, missing persons, sting operations, electronic and manual surveillance, computer data theft, industrial espionage, due diligence, patent trademark and copyright infringement. Our private detective in Delhi maintains full confidentiality in all kinds of investigations performed and we work until our client is satisfied with our reports.

Hire the Best Detective Agency in Delhi

Although there are more than 3000 detective agencies in Delhi NCR region, Impact Intelligence Services is one of the best private detective agency in Delhi. Most of the self-proclaimed agencies are just security agencies but they claim to be Detectives also, you cannot expect a security guard or even a security officer to conduct discreet inquiries and private investigations. There are many professionals like placement agencies, marriage bureaus, mobile shops, wine shops, beauty parlors, recovery agencies, advocates and even small criminals advertise online and in local newspapers that are claimed to be the private detective in Delhi so people have to be very careful before revealing their secrets.

To be a detective one should have necessary special aptitude, training, experience and most essentially the character of the highest level; moreover, it cannot be a part-time job as it requires complete involvement and dedication. We are the best detective agency in Delhi NCR, dedicated to providing discreet and effective investigation services In India. Whether you require surveillance of employee or matrimonial detectives in Delhi or track someone, we have many years experience of carrying out various private investigations.

Customers should not be nervous about contacting us; we are here to serve and assist clients and help them through their investigation requirements. It costs nothing to contact us to discuss the matter and have us respond in total privacy. After making an appointment, you can directly come to our offices without any cost or fee to discuss your matter. 

Our Detective Services

Our corporate and personal detective services include a vast range of cases: pre/post matrimonial, divorce & family court, skiptracing/missing person, teenage monitoring, pre/post employment verification, undercover operation, corporate intelligence, patent trademark & copyright infringement, labor court cases etc.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

We verify all details and information like nature, character, financial, employment status etc of the subject and family.

Post Matrimonial Investigation

Do you feel cheated? Impact Intelligence Services can help you in extramarital affairs, maintenance cases, and asset verifications.

Family Court Case

We provide evidence to our clients and advocates to succeed in their family court case for which evidence was required.

Missing Person/Skiptracing

Our detective agency in Delhi assists clients by finding missing persons and related information with help of latest electronic devices and local police support.

Teenage Monitoring

Teenage is the age when your child is at high risk of being involved in bad activities. We provide surveillance to monitor your kid’s activities.

Spouse Cheating

Marriage is an important part of life but sometimes your spouse may be involved in affairs or illegal activities. We track and provide every information required.

Pre/Post Employment Verification

We assist companies during and after recruitment of employees by providing pre and post employment verification by our private investigators.

Undercover Operation

We are providing special services in which a specialized person Under Cover Operations to corporate businesses to control corruption and losses in their organization. 

Labor Court Cases

We provide special investigation service to find out acceptable proofs about employment confidentially to support client’s case in labor court.

Due Diligence & Credit Worthiness

We take care of investigation of a person or business to verify all details are up to mark or not and provide details to prove creditworthiness of subject.

Patent Trademark & Copyright Infringement

Is someone using your trademarks and copyrights without your permission illegally? Contact us now to investigate this kind of matter.

Corporate Intelligence

We deal in corporate intelligence services to analyze competitors and other sources of information outside of an organization which helps them to take right decisions.

Why Choose Impact Intelligence Services?

We are one of the oldest private detective agency in Delhi NCR region established 10 years ago. Our private detectives are fully aware of the latest technologies and crime scenarios and are well trained to execute steps independently to find secret pieces of information related to cases. Whether it is a personal or corporate level investigation, we take care of our clients by providing them accurate information as per their requirement and maintain their privacy during the case as well as after the case is solved.

Highly Professional Services

Our Detective Agency has been in this industry for over 10 years and satisfied corporate clients and many individuals all over India by providing professional private detective in Delhi with 100% confidentiality. We maintain 100% privacy of our clients.

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Trained Private Detectives

Our matrimonial detectives in Delhi have expertise in conducting all kinds of inquiries like pre & post matrimonial investigation, debugging, undercover operations and corporate investigations. Our team is fully trained and aware of different scenarios.

Pan India Presence

There are thousands of satisfied clients across major cities like Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Jodhpur, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata. Our expertise and branch offices allow us to operate all over India.

24×7 Availability

We are always available to listen to our customers, as they might need our support sometimes in odd timings. Also, there are many people who would not be able to discuss their private matters in working hours and could only discuss after there working hours or on Sundays.

Free Consultation

There are many private detective agencies in Delhi NCR who charge for consultation besides services. We are providing free consultation and does not charge even a single penny for discussing and consulting with a customer.

Payment Flexibility

Our customers are having all options available for payment, they can pay online using Paytm mobile app by scanning QR code, via a phone number or they can simply do NEFT bank transfer, cheque payment, and cash payment.

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